The Yolk of the Enterprise - At the Centre of the Action 

The "A Lister" - Without these baby's nothing would function.  This fine looking hen along with her friends provide the tastiest, finest Free Range Egg on the planet.  Don't forget our Rolls Royce of the egg world also - The legendary Organic Free Range Egg.

The Lads - Hudson and Indy are the firms quality control.  No egg will escape the keen eye of these two.  The men are in charge of product pricing also.  Very keen deals are to be had, especially if some Lego (other brands are available) or sweets are forthcoming - if not Nerf guns are at the ready!.

The EggFather.  - This man has in the past managed to break an egg on every delivery that we have made! - Just joking - Customer Focus is his forte, Everyone who has come to meet us has had many a conversation with the king of Omlette's, and the tea making skills are legendary.

The Jelly in the Donut - Simon has recently returned to the mother ship after spending a few years selling Agricultural Equipment.  He was with his Brother in the early days and decided that his guidance and a steady hand on the tiller was needed steady the ship and keep his Brother sane.  Si has a keen eye for detail and cleanliness and with his enviable record in sales is going to propel our eggs to every corner of the globe!.  If you do come to visit and you can't find him, it may be because a pallet of eggs is blocking the way, he is a little on the vertically challenged side;)

The rest of the Donut - This is Captain Chook himself.  Back in 2007 the adverture began.  The mission was to create the best egg in the world, something that we are still working on to this day.  Known for his always happy demeanour, this man just lives for the egg.  He is normally being trailed by a dog or two and making sure the birds are happy and catered for is his number one priority.  

Till Valley Eggs

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