Free range eggs from Wiltshire!
Free range eggs from Wiltshire!

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MARCH 2017

We are currently looking for friendly and motivated individuals to join our team and have different opportunities available. 


Please take a look at our Current Vacancies page for more information and to apply.

Till Valley Eggs has expanded!

Introducing.... Little Valley Eggs

MARCH 2017


Over the past few months Jeremy and his crew have been working extra hard setting up the sister site to Till Valley Eggs, and we are proud to announce that the new hens will be arriving at Little Valley Eggs in the middle of June, ready to start laying fresh organic free range eggs in July.


Little Valley Eggs, based in Marston near Devizes, consists of four mobile poultry units with the capacity to safely and comfortably house approximately 2,000 hens in each, and not only is the site organic, but it is powered solely by renewable energy provided by small wind turbines and solar panels.


MARCH 2017 - We have expanded again!, we now have a fifth Organic Shed to keep up with the growing demand for Organic Free Range Eggs: We need new people to join us!!.

Till Valley Eggs


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