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Based in picturesque grassland just north of Salisbury, the two flocks of free range hens at Till Valley Eggs are looked after to the highest standards. The grounds are planted with native trees and along with the custom-built shelters the 30,000 hens are provided with the safety and happiness they need to produce a good egg.


Housed in the small grass rich fields near Devizes, our sister site produces us with the finest Organic Free Range Eggs.  We have 5 small mobile sheds housing approximately 10,000 birds, here the birds roam from Dawn until Dusk surrounded by 30 acres of clover rich grass.  We are Organic Farmers and Growers Organic approved and the eggs are produced with 100% renewable energy - the sheds run on solar and wind power, thus making your egg very carbon friendly and produced with the finest Organic ingredients.


Welfare of the hens is of paramount importance and we are RSPCA Freedom Food and British Lion Quality accredited on both sites to ensure that our hens are free from salmonella and looked after to the highest standards.


More information about British Lion Eggs (including ours!) can be found by clucking here!


Till Valley Eggs can supply graded British Lion Quality free range eggs direct from the farm, whether your requirements are Free Range or Organic Free Range, so you are guaranteed fresh produce and a personal service - cut out the middle man and buy direct from us, all eggs are delivered on the day they are laid.


Buying direct from the farmer you will get the most competitive price - we will beat any current price you are paying for free range, so why not give us a try?

Till Valley Eggs

Berwick Hill Farm

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